In the rapidly evolving dentistry industry, dental transition services are essential for practices that want to continue providing the highest quality patient care. Dental transition services are an invaluable tool for dental practitioners and their patients. This service allows a smooth transition between two clinicians or practices, ensuring that no patient goes without treatment. From dental practice transitions to practice acquisitions and mergers, dental transition services ensure the transition is smooth and seamless for both parties. With a team of experienced professionals, a dental transition service can help to alleviate stress, reduce the risk of costly errors, and set your practice growth.

Types of Services Dental Transition Services Provide

Dental transition services provide a wide range of essential services for a successful transition process. These services include:

Buyer Consultation

Buying or selling a dental practice requires significant research and consideration. Dental transition services provide consultation to make the process easier. The dental transition service team will help identify and review potential buyers or sellers, evaluate the practice’s financials, consider any tax implications that may arise during a sale, and much more.

Seller Consultation

Dental practices need to begin planning for a transition to professional success. Dental transition services can help identify potential buyers, negotiate prices and review contracts, set up payment plans that work for both parties, and more. A dental practice transition service can also help to ensure that all relevant documents are properly prepared and filed.

Legal Consultation

Dental practice transitions involve complex legal matters. A dental transition service ensures that all legal documents, such as contracts, are properly drafted and reviewed for a successful transition. The team can also help to identify any potential legal issues that could arise during the process.

Practice Valuation

Understanding financial value is a key component of any successful dental practice transition. An evaluation will consider factors such as number of patients, services offered, location of the practice, and more. Unlike dental practice brokers, dental transition services focus on providing accurate and unbiased information to help buyers and sellers protect their interests during a sale. A dental transition service provides an accurate assessment of a practice’s worth, considering the value of its assets and liabilities. This information is valuable for both buyers and sellers, as it helps them to make informed decisions.

Marketing and Promotion Consulting

Transitioning to a dental practice requires proper marketing and promotion. A dental transition service can help to create an effective marketing plan and promote the practice in the best possible way. The team can also provide useful advice on how to optimize the practice’s website and social media presence, as well as develop strategies for increasing visibility and patient acquisition.


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    Benefits of Services Dental Transition

    Dental transition services can provide a variety of benefits to both buyers and sellers. Here are some key advantages of using a transition service:

    Save Time and Efforts

    The process of transitioning into a dental practice can be time-consuming and complex. A dental transition service can help to streamline the process and save time for both buyers and sellers.

    Eliminate Risk

    Selling a practice involves considerable risk, and dental transition services can help reduce this risk. Professional guidance will ensure that all legal requirements are met and the sale is carried out smoothly and securely.

    Prevent Conflicts

    Dental transition services can help to prevent potential conflicts that may arise between buyers and sellers. A service provider will ensure all parties are on the same page and that the transition process runs smoothly.

    Improve Patient Care

    The transition process can be an opportunity to improve patient care. A dental transition service will help a practice enhance its services’ quality and provide a better patient experience.

    Developing a Good Relation Between Both Parties

    Dental transition services can also help to create a good relationship between buyers and sellers. By providing support throughout the process, a service provider can ensure that all parties understand and respect each other’s needs.

    In the Media

    In this conversation, David Cohen, an attorney specializing in dental practice transitions and commercial real estate, discusses the importance of understanding legal aspects in dentistry. He shares his journey into law and how it led him to focus on dental law. Cohen explains the role of attorneys in practice transitions, including forming business entities, reviewing legal documents, and negotiating leases. He emphasizes the significance of non-compete agreements, tax allocations, contingencies, and representations and warranties in practice sales.

    Legal dental transitions in Texas, Washington & Nationwide

    Our expertise ensures smooth and legally sound transitions tailored to the unique needs of dental professionals.

    Trusted Expertise in Dental Practice Transitions

    Dental clinicians and specialists count on Cohen Law Firm for assistance in the acquisition, sale, and transition of their practices. The firm’s focus in the dental realm evolved out of the immense need for dental professionals to obtain legal advice from attorneys familiar with dentistry. Quickly, dentists and specialists have built a reliance on our firm because of our history of working with dentists and specialists. We have transacted hundreds of dental practice purchases and sales, mergers, and partnerships.

    Expert Representation for Dental Practice Transactions

    We actively represent both dental practice purchasers and dental practice sellers (and specialist purchasers and sellers). We concentrate on the construction of dental practice, purchase and sale transaction documentation (“walk away sales”), as well as sales of partial interests in professional practices. Such sales of partial interests require detailed Operating Agreements and Partnership Agreements between and among practitioners under various cost-sharing and compensation schemes while also addressing how to exit a deal (death, retirement, disagreement, and disability).

    Comprehensive Documentation and Negotiation Services

    We also regularly draft letters of intent for dentists and specialists who intend to sell or purchase a practice, as well as review and negotiate dental practice purchase and sale transaction documentation for both walk-away sales and partial interest purchases.

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